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Pink and Green beaded necklace
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This necklace captures the essence of spring! Pastel green glass beads with hand painted flowers adorning them. The necklace consists of crystal seed beads lined with pale pink. The necklace is also detailed with rose, tanzanite (purple) and peridot Swarovski crystal elements. The necklace is 18" in length. The earrings were crafted out of the green beads and accented with rose and peridot Swarovski crystals. Perfect for spring and Oh-so-pretty!!!

Additional Information

Materials: 79,32,80

Colors: Green, Pink

Keywords: pink jewelry, pink necklace, pink jewerly set, green jewelry, green necklace, green jewelry set

$43.75 USD

Quantity: Product ID# 12564

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Shipping $7.00

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