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Necklace-Round spiral pendant
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Tribal jewelry is quite elaborate and varied, with each tribal group having its own distinct style. Tribals take extra interest in decorating their bodies. Tribal metal smiths often fashion ornaments by the lost wax process. The jewelry in our collection are made by similar process. The accessories made available have taken the inspiration from nature and tribal design motifs. The designs have been prevalent since ages and we are trying to ensure that the unique, uncommon designs adorn your collection. Needless to say all the accessories are made by hand only.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 15" width x 0" height x 0" depth

Weight: 0.06 lbs

Materials: 174

Colors: Yellow

Keywords: Necklace.handmade, tribal, jewelry.accessories

$23.00 USD

Quantity: Product ID# 40049

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Handcraftsy is about preserving and nurturing our traditions. We have our own studio and we take inspiration from age old technique like "Lost Wax Process". The bell metal figurines featured herein have been made by the same process followed 5,000 years ago. The folk art is being preserved to create the more

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