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Sterling primitive crater bracelet and matching cast clasp with labradorite and silk cord 8" METAL is a primitive, organic and modern cast sterling collection. It is full of irregularities, imperfections and fingerprints. It has a sensuous and luscious feel and melds with your skin when worn to become a part of you. Many of these pieces are one of a kind.

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Materials: 152,98,6

Colors: Gray, Pink, White

Keywords: labradorite, crater, silk, primitive modern

$224.00 USD

Quantity: Product ID# 34463

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Shipping $7.00

Anne Maa Designs

My background is fashion design. My inspirations come from the stones and materials I use. Their color, feel, texture and shape tell me exactly what to do with them just as the different fabrics inspire the designs they are made into. My style is elegant, feminine, classy and modern. The opposite more

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