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jewelery set with violet glass
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Made of glass brooches, rings and pendants were created from the glass droplets that flow down from ceramic of bowls in the process of firing -every drop of runoff is unique [therefore set of jewelery, ring, necklace ... are really unique] --prepare all shapes and sizes of jewelry. -all glass drops are framed in copper [tiffany technique]. -earrings are silver fastenings

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Materials: 7,5,637,2

Colors: Red

Keywords: jewelry, unique gift, jewelry set, handmade jewelry glass jewelry

$40.00 USD

Quantity: Product ID# 206273

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I am a ceramicist . in my studio creating unique home accesories [lamps, platters candlesticks, teapots, tea bowls and cups ...] My favorite material is fire clay, porcelain and metal [iron, brass] all the subject of a single copy shapes freehand [I do not use potter's wheel, or of ceramic molds] ceramics more

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