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Invoking Animal Spirit Strength Bracelet
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My first reaction when I finished this bracelet was OMG! Here's the explanation: I began with a repurposed leather strap bracelet, dyed it, drilled holes in it and then began the assemblage. I started with a burro from a very old Chinese necklace that I cut up a few years ago. I added a smashed and drilled root beer bottle cap, a 1949 dog tag from the State of Maine, an old Tibetan domed coin, several old beads from an African necklace, a handmade clay button, and pewter chain. Symbols and myth are my passions and I've discovered that all animals have special qualities that humans have wanted to tap and invoke as their own - and in most cultures the burro symbolizes strength and patience. As a cousin to the horse it also symbolizes journey - as in our journey in this life experience - and reflection on just how we're handling it. Strength, patience, journey. Nice reminders at your wrist. Size is adjustable. One only.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 7" width x 3" height x .6" depth

Weight: 0 lbs

Materials: 13,178,5,179

Keywords: tribal, shaman, gypsy, power animal, funky, one only, recycled, bohemian, edgy,

$220.00 USD

Quantity: Product ID# 42529

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Healing Stones Jewelry

I design one-only jewelry - necklaces, bracelets, rings,and earrings using gemstones, metals, antiques, vintage discoveries, leather, fabric, found objects, feathers, wood and whatever else I think will add a touch of whimsey or drama to a piece. My inspiration has always been myth and legend with African, Asian and Celtic influences. more

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