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Heart on the Mend pendant necklace
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Heart hand-forged from copper, domed and soldered to a sterling silver back. Hole in heart "fixed" with sterling silver mesh. Hangs on hand-made sterling silver chain. Part of the Mended Hearts Collection by Cheekybird

Additional Information

Dimensions: 1" width x 1" height x .45" depth

Materials: 5,50,54,52

Keywords: heart, pendant, broken heart, mended heart, necklace, cool, hip, modern, copper, silver, chain, mesh

$100.00 USD

Quantity: Product ID# 5295

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Shipping $5.00

Cheekybird Jewelry

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Cheekybird is jewelry and art created from a recipe of influences including textures, function, fluidity, architecture, microbes, seasons, sea creatures, shells, trees, and bird nests and eggs. Jewelry pieces are constructed from hand-forged materials and found objects using copper, silver, brass, gold, semi-precious stones and minerals. Pieces are then finished more

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