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Handmade Paper & Fabric Earrings
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Everything made from scratch - like a good cake! At one time I made my own paper from flowers and leaves and designed fabric and paper journals. Haven't done that in years but still love working in paper and fabric and so decided to design a pair of earrings from hand made paper and fabric beads. I started by forming a copper frame, adding my patina and then wrapping the paper and fiber beads to the loops. The fabric scraps had a lovely end with tattered fringe. I accented with a gorgeous lime green gaspeite stone and a copper mesh bead at the top. The earrings are different lengths (on purpose). They're long - gorgeous and light - at 5". They've been glazed so they're made to last. One pair only

Additional Information

Dimensions: .05" width x 5" height x .05" depth

Materials: 184,185,5

Colors: Red

Keywords: paper, Japanese, fabric, fiber, recycled, gemstone, one only, long, light, bohemian, shabby chic

$95.00 USD

Quantity: Product ID# 42556

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Shipping $5.00

Healing Stones Jewelry

I design one-only jewelry - necklaces, bracelets, rings,and earrings using gemstones, metals, antiques, vintage discoveries, leather, fabric, found objects, feathers, wood and whatever else I think will add a touch of whimsey or drama to a piece. My inspiration has always been myth and legend with African, Asian and Celtic influences. more

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