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Forged Keys Necklace from recycled sterling silver
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Handcrafted forged sterling silver necklace with handmade chain. Large pendant yet lightweight and delicate in the way it falls around your neck. Chain length starts at 16" and includes extra links for custom sizing. Recycled silver means no new mining and no chemicals going into the earth. No toxic chemicals are used in the artist's studio as well.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 1.25" width x 5" height x " depth

Materials: 167

Keywords: handmade necklace, forged silver, recycled sterling silver, handcrafted, handcrafted chain, handmade chain

$980.00 USD

Quantity: Product ID# 37160

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wplk Sculpted

i am an interdisciplinary, multimedia sculptor; working with clay, steel, and non-ferrous (non-iron-bearing) metals to create large and small sculptures which vary in functionality, process, and concept. i am informed by and excited by science. in the realm of humanity i am fascinated by the more

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