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Dogwood Log in Prayer Log
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Carved by hand by Bruce Lyndon Cunningham in flowering dogwood wood (Cornus florida) Log ’N' Prayer Log ~ This is a new method of praying that is simple and effective. This is a great spiritual tool that will help people pray and communicate with God. The instructions are simple. Write on slips of paper your concerns and worries and put the slips of paper in the log. In a few days go back to the log and reread your prayers. If the prayers have been answered, write them on the other side of the paper. Writing down your prayers requires you to think about what you want or need or what you wish for another person. In the process, your prayers become clearer. Writing down prayers and putting them in the log makes your concerns tangible. When you begin to worry remember that you have taken your concerns to God and your concerns are in His hands. You can let go. Using the Log ’N’ Prayer Log, you will learn to expect answers to your prayers, and you will be more sensitive to God's answers when they do come.

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Dimensions: 6" width x 4" height x 4" depth

Weight: 3 lbs

Materials: 49

Keywords: Log in Prayer log, Dogwood, Prayer Log, flowering dogwood

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