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Custom Jewelry Box
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This one of a kind custom jewelry box is hand crafted from Redwood Lace Burl and comes apart like a puzzle. The beauty of the wood really comes through with the fiery reds and warm earth tones. Several coats of clear finish are lovingly applied, bringing out the natural colors of the different components in this unbelieveable piece. See if you can discover all of the twenty one hidden compartments!

Additional Information

Dimensions: 8" width x 12" height x 11" depth

Weight: 6 lbs

Materials: 166

Colors: Brown, Orange, Red

Keywords: jewelry box, custom wood box, sculptural jewelry box, puzzle box

$3250.00 USD

Quantity: Product ID# 36860

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Scott Dworkin Designs

Custom made one of a kind live edge slab tables. Each one is made to order. The slabs are hand picked from sustainable, reclaimed natural edge domestic woods for their exceptional grain, figure , and shape. They can be made in any size to fit your individual needs and taste. Become more

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