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Coins of Agate Necklace set
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These carved agate beads rested in my beads basket for a little while. Sometimes things just dont go together. You know, like a pair of slacks refuses to look flattering with a favorite blouse or sweater. You cant figure out why. Thats how it was with these beads. These carved gray agates patiently rested for the right accessory. Which turned out to be tiny silver spacers. Who wodda thought it .The beads and the spacers make a nice couple. Neither overshading the other. Look how nice the sterling silver wire copied the carved lines in the agate stones. The gray stones worked very well with the gray of silver and the oxidized centers of the spacers made the gray just a tad brilliant. The line theme was followed with the earrings too. There are tiny lines engraved into the tiny shields on the sterling silver earrings. Everything goes so very nice with this set. BTW, The necklace measures 17 inches in length,

Additional Information

Dimensions: " depth

Materials: 153,197,198

Colors: Gray

Keywords: Earring and necklace set

$50.00 USD

Quantity: Product ID# 44806

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