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Butterfly Necklace
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This is a 12 strand kumihimo braided cord (braided by me) with a lovely butterfly pendant. The colors are green, yellow, and white. The chain is a two in one chainmaile chain, also hand made by me. It has a silver barrel clasp for easy on and off. It is 36 inches long from clasp to clasp.

Additional Information

Dimensions: " depth

Materials: 45,46,47,25

Colors: Green, White

Keywords: butterfly necklace, kumihimo, beaded, chainmaile, chain, silver, barrel clasp, Jeannie Langston

$31.25 USD

Quantity: Product ID# 3491

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Shipping $5.00


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I crochet, tatt, bead both on and off loom, make worry dolls, make kumihimo, and chainmaille and am willing to try any new craft, so if you want something, I will do my best to deliver. more

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