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American Black Walnut Bracelet with Inlaid Maple
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This bracelet begins like my others - as five layers of premium lumber carefully bent and laminated to provide exceptional strength in a slender profile. Once dry, a sixth layer of Black Walnut is added, with precisely-cut recesses that accommodate matching Maple inserts. The result is a sequence of six shimmering Maple "jewels" around the perimeter of the band, which are perfectly flush with the surface. The bracelet is then finished with five or more coats of a hand-rubbed oil finish, before being given a final polish to high luster. The final piece has a sense of sophistication which I think balances well with its earthy materials. The bracelets are approximately 2 3/8" on the inside, which is snug, but not tight on the wrist. The gap in the band is approximately 3/4", which allows it to slide around the wrist, but not fall off. They are approximately 3/8" wide, but only about 1/8" thick, making them amazingly light. You'll forget you're wearing it, until the compliments roll in! All dimensions will vary slightly because of the handcrafted construction involved. Each piece is signed and dated on the interior with my emblem, and gift wrapped in a hand crafted origami box. For more information about me, my process, and my design philosophy, visit my website at Thanks for looking!

Additional Information

Dimensions: 2.5" width x 2.5" height x 0.4" depth

Weight: 0 lbs

Materials: 9,17,20

Colors: Brown, Yellow

Keywords: bracelet, cuff, bangle, wood, walnut, natural, handcrafted, OOAK, unique, custom

$48.75 USD

Quantity: Product ID# 5779

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Shipping $8.00

Christopher Garman

I come from a long line of craftspeople including the settlers of the original Jamestown colony. My grandfather was a tree surgeon and expert wood carver who acquired castoff logs and turned them into works of art. My father is a self-taught fine furniture designer who routinely takes on commissions for more

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