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African Trade Beads Necklace
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In the ancient world beads played a major role in almost every aspect of society and can be traced back to 2000 BC. When Europeans discovered these gorgeous beads they became even more valuable as a tool for trading. I found these beautiful blue mud beads in a obscure marketplace and loved the muted sky color. The colorful decorated beads are little works of art. I strung the beads on wire and then added lapis lazuli, rust colored wood beads, a big slice of amber and a small faceted yellow jade bead. I adorned the 18 beaded strands of the necklace with colorful accents and added an old replica Chinese coin with a circle of lapis. A little coin is part of the loop closure and another small coin is on one side of the necklace. Length is 21". One only.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 21" width x .05" height x .-05" depth

Weight: 0 lbs

Materials: 7,180,9,181

Colors: Blue

Keywords: blue, glass, statement, fashion, earthy, edgy, shabby chic, ethnic, one only,

$280.00 USD

Quantity: Product ID# 42533

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Shipping $5.00

Healing Stones Jewelry

I design one-only jewelry - necklaces, bracelets, rings,and earrings using gemstones, metals, antiques, vintage discoveries, leather, fabric, found objects, feathers, wood and whatever else I think will add a touch of whimsey or drama to a piece. My inspiration has always been myth and legend with African, Asian and Celtic influences. more

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