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LION BUCKLE SET in Antiqued Sterling
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The Cameron LION BELT BUCKLE SET (often called a 3-pce Ranger Set) consists of our lion head belt buckle plus a keeper and a tip. It can be purchased as the set or the lionhead buckle can be acquired separately for $495. The Buckle is heavy, and deeply sculpted, measuring 3" long x 1-3/4" wide. A classic Deco-Gothic design, its power and sophistication say something about the wearer. Fits a 1" belt or a tapered belt that narrows to 1" at either end.

$699.00 USD

Quantity: Product ID# 50701

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Cameron Design

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Jewelry designer Rick Cameron is widely known for his dramatic animal motifs blending Art Deco and Gothic elements, and for his exceptional craftsmanship. His designs have been sold by some of the finer jewelry and specialty stores in the country, and are worn by rock stars and royalty, as well as more

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