Warren E. Schettini


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All of my work is custom made and for specific people. Priceing on each item is done when my customers make their final decision on what, and how they want their item done. When I do portraits it is done after the customer makes their final decision on how thwey want it done. I can however say that my portraits range from $800.00 to $7000.oo .

My Statement

Unique and Original

One of a kind, unique, original, custom inlay woodworking done in exotic or domestic wood. Most inlay is done at 20 thousanths of an inch, up to 1/16 of an inch plus. The inlay is so intricate that it is installed with TWEEZERS ! The possibilties of what and where it can be done are endless ! Perhaps your front door, wall plaques or dining room tables. Any area, in any wooden floor, stair risers and steps, raised panels in cabinet doors can be enhanced by our custom inlay.

All items crafted by hand...not computer.

My Location

I am located in west babylon, ny.

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