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Born in Amherst, MA, Shira attended Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, Umass Amherst, and received her BFA from the University of Michigan. She did post-graduate apprenticeships with master metalsmiths across the country, including Greg Wilbur and Benjamin Neubauer, and received her Jewelry Technician Certificate from Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco. She currently lives in Los Angeles, and has a studio at the Big Art Labs in downtown LA.

My Statement

All of my artwork is dedicated to creating a visual language out of my reverence for growth, change, and the wisdom of Nature's structures and forms. It is also a dedication to process, and to the development of an evolving relationship with materials and skills. One can never reach the end of learning; there is always room to gain something new in the conversation.

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I am located in LOS ANGELES, California.

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