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By using recycled silver and golds, copper, bronze, and brass, there is no new mining and no new chemicals being added to the earth. Ethically mined natural gems as well as stones from local rivers, lakes, and forests provide me with a rich base for creating in many kinds of styles and allows me to cater to many budgets. I delight in working on commissioned pieces and teaching sculpture classes, as the balance of art and intention is truly a fun collaboration.

I am interested in the chemistry and the alchemy behind rocks; from the crystals that form our most common river rocks down to the delicacy of a single molecule of silver, gold, or gemstone. The science behind these earth formations is as intriguing to me as the process of playing with and working in collaboration with the materials.

Mixed metals techniques such as mokume gane allow me to play with the notion that molecules that are different from each other can still be fused and melded together to form multifaceted, dimensional pieces, much the same as humanity.

My Statement

i am an interdisciplinary, multimedia sculptor; working with clay, steel, and non-ferrous (non-iron-bearing) metals to create large and small sculptures which vary in functionality, process, and concept.

i am informed by and excited by science.

in the realm of humanity i am fascinated by the edges of things - how identities, experiences, and the processes of living overlap and often create sociological paradoxes, how attention paid to these paradoxes can result in new identities entirely.

in the realm of rocks and metals and clays i am also fascinated by the edges of things - how the materials can be stretched, manipulated, brought together and split apart, how the process of overlapping them can create new amalgamations with an entirely unique set of rules for working.

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I am located in Putney, Vermont.

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