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As a baby boomer, I was blessed with a country upbringing, with its accompanying hard work and long days. My brief travels along the eastern shore of this great country has shown me that there's no place like home. I am a ham radio operator and a retired tattoo artist. I have always painted, and now, I can truly devote more time and energy into doing what I love to do. Designing crept into my life about 35 years ago, never giving me one moment's peace, but I can live with that. I like to do everything myself- from cooking, to gardening, to sewing clothes, and of course, painting. My products are all one of a kind and made by hand.

My Statement

My passion for painting has inspired me to try painting on almost anything. I have invented a few processes and experimented widely with many different mediums, including paint additives, and I am constantly on the look out for something new and unique to paint.
All of my paintings are original, and are miniature.

My Location

I am located in Hartwick, New York.

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