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Jazzy Jewelry Jones was once a successful consultant in the Pharmacuetical industry until a nearly fatal stroke struck her down at the age of 50. She lay in a coma for nearly 5 months with doctors telling her family that if she ever did wake up, she would be a vegetable. One day Jazzy did wake up and but to the doctor's amazement, she was not a vegetable. Though she did suffer some brain damage making her epileptic and her balance attrocious she could walk, speak and do some pretty remarkable things. One of which was to create Jazzy Jewelry Jones. The staff at this amazing company consist of Jazzy, 3 dogs, 2 cats and 2 turtles. They make a well knit team and produce some creative pieces.

My Statement

Have you ever stepped into a room only to find that someone else is wearing your outfit. How embarassing is that? My jewelry line is designed to make sure that never happens with your jewelry. At Jazzy Jewelry Jones all of my pieces are made in limited quantities and by limited I mean that only 3 to 4 pieces of each are made. That's it. There is very little chance that you will ever find anyone else wearing the same piece that you have on. When you buy one of my creations rest assured that you have purchased something unique. Find other unique pieces at and go feel Jazzy all day!


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I am located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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